Dominic Scott

Jennifer Turner

Jennifer was raised in Auburn and after graduating high school she moved to Southern California for two years.  The time away made her realize how much she loves this small town.  Raising our boys in Auburn has been such a wonderful experience.  She helped her husband open and run their electrical contracting company while taking care of their family; but, as the boys got older she had more time on her hands.

With that time she did a lot of volunteer work and fundraising for the boys schools and soccer club.  The fundraising that stood out the most was when she started a golf tournament with her son’s soccer club and raised over 50k in the first two golf tournaments to send to Seattle Children’s Hospital on behalf of a young man that lost his life to cancer.  During this journey she realized how much she loves to entertain and organize events.  This led her to the realization that she wanted her own restaurant some day.  When The Turner’s were approached to purchase The Monkey Cat it was Jennifer’s dream come true.  She loves a nice restaurant with delicious food, a nice wine selection and a good vibe, and that is her vision for Monkey Cat


Jared Turner

Jared was raised in Auburn and is a Bear River High School Graduate. He started a career in the electrical trade in his early 20’s. Before leaving his last job, he was managing and running a large division of this company. During that time he met Jennifer and fell in love with her and made a vow to her. By the time Jared was 26 years old, him and Jennifer started their own electrical contracting company, Turner Electric. Over the last 19 years they have been growing and operating the company while raising a family.

“Over the years opportunities present themselves and a restaurant was something we’ve considered looking into and thought it would be a perfect fit.”

I would hope that someday my children will take over the business and continue grow them and be successful.

Dominic Scott

Our Team | Our Family

Monkey Cat… from the front of the house to the back of the house, we honestly believe it takes everyone that works here to make this a success. And that why we always work as as team.

Many of our team members have been here since the first day, but we will continue to welcome new family members with open arms.

We learn from all who work here… because it takes a team to become a family.

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