Matt Spokely for City Counil

This Wednesday (the 15th) We will be hosting a meet & greet event for Matt Spokely. Matt is running for City Council. On Wednesday you can hear what he has to say about his plans for Auburn, while enjoying a nice glass of wine. You will need to RSVP for this event. You can do so by going to


You may ask, Why Matt Spokely?

As a Small-Business Owner, professional Civil Engineer, Auburn City Planning Commissioner, long-time Auburn resident and Family Man raising the 3rd generation of Auburnites, I am uniquely qualified to shape Auburn’s future. I understand the importance of fiscal responsibility, budget planning and boosting economic growth in an ever-changing environment. I do this every day as a successful small business owner for my company and for my clients. 
Plus, my engineering expertise and work for the last 7 years as an Auburn City Planning Commissioner and Historic Design Review Commissioner, further adds the proper perspective to maintain our City’s infrastructure, protect our citizens and preserve Auburn’s small town charm.
I look forward to serving on the Auburn City Council to make Auburn a COMMUNITY we will all be proud to call home.  – Matt Spokely” 
Vote Matt Spokely for Auburn City Council

Vote Matt Spokely for Auburn City Council


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