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Customer Deals! Save 67% on food & drink

Don't forget to take advantage of our voter deals! We have a deal for new voters as well as return voters! Both deals are $10 for $30 worth of food & drink. Good for lunch & dinner. Save 67% by purchasing one of these great deals. After you purchase the deal you can print out a voucher and bring it in. http://kcra.cityvoter.com/monkey-cat-restaurant-deal/4993/details?dt=unlock http://kcra.cityvoter.com/monkey-cat-restaurant-deal/4994/details?dt=featured


Vote for us! We are nominated in two catigories this year BEST ROMANTIC RESTAURANT and BEST NEW AMERICAN Vote here: http://ctvr.us/monkeycat By Voting you can also unlock a "New Voter Deal" or a "Return Voter Deal" http://kcra.cityvoter.com/monkey-cat-restaurant-deal/4993/details?dt=unlock

Happy Saturday

Enjoy the weather today! Come in and try one of our delicious new cocktails! Ask your server about our tasty new cocktail menu.

It’s almost Friday! Friday & Saturdays

It's almost Friday! Friday & Saturdays are always busy for us. We love it! Make sure you have a reservation for dinner on those nights, it's always better to have one & not need it then to need one & not have it. You can go online to http://www.opentable.com/monkey-cat?rid=72796&restref=72796&intcmp=dcw and make a reservation there or just give us a call! our # is 888-8492 Can't wait to see you at Monkey Cat!